How Distance Learning Can Help You Accelerate Your Learning Process

Students learning

Your riding in a car, turn on the radio, hear a few notes played from the old Beatles song Michelle, and suddenly start singing it aloud perfectly word for word. Yet you read a book for work or school, and fifteen minutes after putting it down you can’t remember the title and author’s name. Why does this happen? When I first asked myself this question, I had no idea it would lead me to become the world’s fastest reader. I simply wanted to know why the brain retains so much useless information and often deletes more important data. The solution to this problem drove me to discover a more effective way to read, comprehend, and retain information.

Your brain is designed to retain information that frequently repeats, is emotionally intense, is associated with a specific rhythm, or has powerful contextual clues. When listening to a song played on the radio, the music’s rhythm automatically helps install it into your permanent memory. Understanding how these four brain stimulants can ignite your memory is the first step towards becoming a better learner, an essential skill for surviving in today’s world. It’s been said that every 90 days the world’s information content is doubling. It’s also been said that more information has been generated in the past century than all previous history combined. Without strategies for reading faster, improving comprehension, and retaining information how do you expect to avoid making costly mistakes from poor decisions based on inadequate knowledge?

Distance learning is one solution to this problem. Offering you the opportunity to download new information directly to your computer at a convenient learning time frees you from having to learn at a specific time and place that might not fit into your schedule. I believe that linking accelerated learning tools to the information provided by distance learning providers will fuse the learning benefits of accelerated learning with the convenience of distance learning. We are on the threshold of a new learning revolution as great as the invention of the printing press. For the first time anyone can instantly gain access to the information they need for succeeding in today’s information-rich world. Linked to accelerated learning they will also be able to store and retrieve it when needed. An ancient Chinese proverb says, “may you live in interesting times.”   For all of us living today “the times are a changing” and getting more interesting every day. For those prepared to take full advantage of this learning revolution will come opportunities for success unheard of by those who have lived in the past. Invest a little time in a good learning program and plunge into a new world of distance learning opportunities with the skills and confidence you need for success in today’s fast paced world.