Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence


No matter how well you learn material, you will not benefit from your knowledge if you become too tired. There is a simple technique developed by Marcus Conyers, one of the graduates of my Mega Speed Reading Program, which will enable you to instantly tap into the unlimited energy necessary for successful business operations. To get optimum results from this exercise it is important that you stand up and also imagine that your energy is increasing as you perform each of the following steps:

  1. Touch you left hand to your right shoulder
  2. Touch your right hand to your left shoulder

Repeat these steps 3X

  1. Touch you left hand to your right knee
  2. Touch your right hand to your left knee

Repeat these steps 3X

  1. Raise your hands high over your head
  2. Scream out enthusiastically “I FEEL GREAT!”
  3. Scream out “YES!” while squeezing your right thumb tightly and pulling it towards your right side

Repeat all of the above steps 3X

This really can turn up your energy when done properly. Why does it work? It is based upon the time-honored principle of classical conditioning from Psychology. Think back to school when you learned about how the great Russian Psychologist Pavlov conditioned a dog to drool while hearing a bell ring. Pavlov consistently rang a bell each time the dog was fed. Eventually, just hearing the bell elicited a drooling response from the dog.

In exactly the same way, squeezing your thumb and saying, “I feel great, YES,” each time you create a high-energy state, you will make this gesture a powerful stimulus for releasing high your own limitless energy. This is an incredible tool for you to use when you need instant energy. Imagine having to work late at night, or attending a long demanding meeting, and suddenly needing some extra energy to accomplish your task. Squeezing your thumb and saying, “I feel great, YES”, (inside your head silently) will release a flood of much needed energy. This is one of many tools we have developed to help you create a peak state for successful business practice.