• slow reader

Why Do We Read Slowly?

If your brilliant brain is so adept at swiftly reading a road during a drive, then why can’t it read text just as quickly and easily? The answer is simple.

  • read faster

Tips For Reading Faster

Consider this very important statement: authors publish text for a group of people, but you must read that text as an individual. A writer offers all the information he/she believes that anyone reading their text might require.

  • Schematic clues

Increasing Your Reading Speed Using Schematic Clues

Just what constitutes Schematic clues in text? Both nouns and verbs in text constitute its Schematic clues. Nouns offer information about the people, places, and things while verbs describe any actions that are taking place.

  • Emotional Intelligence

Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

To get optimum results from this exercise it is important that you stand up and also imagine that your energy is increasing as you perform each of the following steps.

  • Memory Technique

Simple Memory Technique to remember anything

The first step is to use a list of objects already familiar to you. Objects previously stored in your permanent memory. These objects will become your memory hangers. The parts of your body meet all the necessary criteria.

  • Information age learning

Learning Skills For the Information Age

Once you get the Schema, and your brain knows what it is looking for (something we call “Purpose”), the dots line up and the puzzle pieces come together almost instantly! Schema and Purpose establish the Value of the information you are processing.

  • Hand motions

Increase Your Reading Speed Using Hand Motions

In an orchestra, the conductor uses his baton to coordinate all the musicians. While speed reading, your hands perform the role of the conductor’s baton. They move your eyes rapidly across the page.