personal coaching


Howard offers personal coaching for someone who is looking to excel in a very short period of time. During these sessions you will be personally mentored by Howard and you can ask any questions that you may have. Personal coaching is for individuals who have

  • Very limited time.

  • A clear goal in their mind.

  • A detailed list of what needs to be accomplished.

  • A keen interest in learning.

Please contact us a month in advance as last minute sessions cannot be entertained.


Howard is well known in the corporate world for conducting employee workshops to give them a competitive edge in this information-rich workplace. In a single day session Howard covers topics such as

  • How to speed read to gather various types of information from charts, reports, documents and memos.
  • Keeps a keen focus and concentration under high pressure
  • Internalize information vital to success: in-depth knowledge of competition’s strengths and weaknesses, price lists, technical features, and much more.
  • How to tap into their intuitive power to anticipate the questions they faces everyday and get the answers they seek.
  • Boost their productivity without overtime or undue strain.

Some of the corporations where Howard has conducted his workshops are Cisco Systems, Exxon Mobil, Ernst & Young, American Airlines, MBNA Bank, Daimler-Chrysler, Rockwell International, JCPenney, SONY, NASA, Optus, Merrill Lynch, Novotel, Barnes & Nobel, Prudential Realty, Sears and more.

Corporate training
student coaching


Empower your students for success with a Brain-based learning seminar from the World’s Fastest Reader. 30-50% of College Students Fail To Graduate Due to Poor Academic Skills. Let Howard show your students how to unleash their latent ability. Howard will teach students How to

  • Get higher grades
  • Read at high speeds and understand the material they read
  • Increase their comprehension
  • Memorize facts, dates, formulas and vocabulary effortlessly
  • Instantly write outstanding reports
  • Intuition to know what to study for exams
  • Focus under pressure
  • Improve their learning and exam taking skills.


Howard has been a professional educator for over 40 years. The World’s Fastest Reader has spoken at many events and below are some of the topics he usually covers

  • How To Read Faster: Learn the secret behind blazing fast reading speeds, and increase your own speed by 10-20% in a few minutes time.
  • The Five Powerful Items That Guarantee Learning: Discover the five magic items that make learning a snap, and your presentations easily comprehended
  • How To Develop A Laser Sharp Memory: You will instantly memorize and recall a list of 10 objects, and learn how to make your presentations easier to retain and recall.
  • How To Overcome Writer’s Block: Discover the secret to instantly switching on your flow to get your writing done on time…all the time.
  • Master the single most important skill necessary for success: Discover the single most important skill necessary for creative success, and how to release it.
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